The Library Bar Islington

We specialize in the reupholstery of Bar/Restaurant/Hospitality furniture and this was the first bar reupholstery project our team completed in 2019.

This busy late night bar in Islington, London was well overdue for some attention to their bench seating.  The faux leather had got worn and torn and the foams soft and spongy.  The owners originally wanted us to reupholster on site, but though we can do site work, but we feel our quality is better controlled by returning most items to our Aldershot workshops.

This bench seating with plain seats and fluted backs, included a fairly complex tight curved section.  The benches totaled around 15 metres, worked on in 3 batches.  Leaving our loan chairs, free of charge allowed the bar to function as normal, making sure there was little disruption to the customers.  Each batch was returned to the works, stripped, re-foamed and reupholstered using  Agua Aries Faux Leather.  All three batches were turned around in just 7 days.