Rush weaving seats of White chairs.

Domestic 1

Finishing Touches –  Simon just adjusting the Paper Rush fibre weave, on this pair of chairs. Previously services that were sub-contracted out to local experts, French polishing and re-Rushing  are both now carried out in our workshops.

Rush woven seats and back have a finite life-span depending on the conditions in which it is used.  Dry conditions created by Central Heating tends to dry out the Rush causing it to split and fracture.

Re-weaving is a quick and simple process, albeit that there are few professional Craftspeople that still practice this art. Fortunately we at Upholstery Express have one such Craftsman in Simon Overett.

With the old Rush and fibre padding cut off and discarded in minutes, the process can start immediately to re-rush the seats using high quality paper.

A good eye and skills in judging the correct Rush tension are important to making not only a comfortable seat but also one that will last in service. These skills only come with years of experience.