Pharmaceutical Company Restaurant seating 267

Requiring an all-new style and colour scheme, the clients’ designers assessed the existing high-quality seating, purchased within the last 10 years and judged far too good to replace. 

The answer was reupholstery.

This is a Staff restaurant with high usage 24/7 but the client demanded little or no disruption to the running of the busy Restaurant. 

Upholstery Express worked with the client team to select the right fabrics to suit the harsh environment of food and drink, where light colours were required by design. Considering all issues including cleanliness and hygiene. 

Leaving 40 loan chairs, supplied free of charge, batches of 40 chairs were collected by Upholstery Express, frames cleaned, new high-quality foams and new fabrics fitted.  Batches were changed over out of hours. 


The result – a delighted client.  The Restaurant with a fresh new look throughout, with clean “as new” chairs at a fraction of the cost.