Dining Chairs

What a fantastic job!  We are more than happy with your service and the end product is probably better than they were when we bought them. Dining

The words of a London Doctor in an email to us after recently taking delivery of his revitalized Dining chairs, following reupholstery by Upholstery Express using the amazing Sunbury Design Nappa Aquaclean faux suede, easy clean fabric.

This style of 8 x dining chairs is not uncommon throughout the UK.  They are usually made abroad and the frames are very well made indeed, but the fabric, usually vinyl is inferior to the fabrics available in the UK, and the surface of the Faux Leather Vinyl de-laminates and separates. The effect is awful.

We at Upholstery Express have perfected a way to reupholster these at a very competitive price thanks to extreme patience in patterning by our craftsmen and women. The results speak for themselves.

If you have similar chairs then, yes, we think they are worth upholstering. We hope you will too.

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