Theatres and Large Venues Reupholstery

Reupholstering an entire theatre or large venue, like a courtroom, can be a mammoth undertaking, but the investment can pay dividends. When compared to the price of replacement, reupholstery is a sound investment and can extend the life of seating by many, many years at a fraction of the cost.

A theatre or large venue relies very heavily on its seats. Every paying customer or visitor will spend the majority of their time in a seat, meaning that the quality and cleanliness of the seating can make or break whether they have a positive experience or not, becoming an important factor in whether they return or recommend.

At Upholstery Express we will work in whichever way best suits our clients. When it comes to theatres, auditoriums, lecture halls, cinemas and other large venues we can either remove seating and take it away to be reupholstered and repaired, or work on-site to speed up the process if a quick turnaround is required. In addition to this we can work on small batches of chairs or, unlike many other companies, have the capacity to complete whole theatres and large venues in one go.

Whether you operate in the public or the private sector it is always important to consider rules, regulations and legislations. Upholstery Express are experts in helping companies and organisations conform to health and safety legislation by ensuring that fabrics and fillings comply with fire-retardancy standards. The safety of staff, customers and students is of paramount importance, so being compliant with the relevant regulations should always be a high priority. Remember, if you have torn seat coverings with foam showing through you are in breach of fire regulations and need to take immediate action.

Our team of highly trained upholsterers and seamstresses will refresh your courtroom, theatre or large venue seating however best suits you. We can professionally manage many tasks including:

  • Replacing fabric Coverings (damaged, worn or outdated)
  • Replacing foams (sagging, uncomfortable or rotten)
  • Replacing springs
  • Fabric matching

Our skilled team of repairers can bring the function and quality of your chairs back to ‘as new’ condition in a number of ways including:

  • Repairing damaged seats and backs
  • Correcting broken or inoperative mechanisms

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