Hotels, Bars & Restaurants Reupholstery

We have been providing commercial reupholstery services to the leisure industry for decades and understand exactly what is important when it comes to refurbishing a restaurant, hotel or bar. Our clients increase profits and customer retention as well as save thousands by choosing to reupholster and repair rather than replace.

One of the most important factors for any restaurant, bar or hotel is the customer experience. This is what drives customers to recommend, review and return time and time again. Two key parts of a good customer experience are comfort and cleanliness; seating can play a huge role in both of those factors. Research shows that comfortable, clean seating can lead to an increased customer  spend.

We know you can’t just shut up shop for a few days while you carry out reupholstery work which is why we offer a delivery, collection and loan chair service to help you keep the doors open. Alternatively, certain types of work can be carried out by our on-site team, out of hours. 

Conforming to health and safety regulations is extremely important for any business, especially one that would suffer greatly through lost earnings should it be unable to operate for just a single day. Ensuring your fabrics and foams comply with fire-retardancy standards is key, especially in a leisure industry premises where cooking equipment is used. Ensuring customers are comfortable and safe and insurance policies are valid is of the utmost importance. Any torn fabrics with foam showing through contravenes health and safety legislation and needs to be remedied immediately.

All of our fabrics and fillings are compliant with ‘The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations 1988’, so by choosing to reupholster with Upholstery Express you can be sure that not only are you receiving the highest quality work and service, but that you conform to all relevant regulations and your insurance policies are valid.

Our team of skilled upholsterers and seamstresses can bring new life to your existing restaurant, bar or hotel furniture. We are highly experienced in managing a number of tasks to improve the aesthetics and comfort of your furniture including:

  • Fabric covering replacement (damaged, worn or outdated)
  • Foam replacement (sagging, uncomfortable or rotten)
  • Spring replacement
  • Remodelling
  • French polishing

Our expert team can extend the life of your damaged seating through a series of skilled techniques, fixing common issues including:

  • Tightening frames and joints
  • Repairing damaged seats and backs
  • Redirecting leg pressure (reducing pressure on the back legs of hard wooden chairs; a common problem)
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