Education Reupholstery

Students in our Schools, Academies, Universities and Colleges sit in any number of different ways and positions, specific to each individual.  Usually their days are spent  wriggling and  wrything, contorting into all sorts of odd seated positions in a continuous cycle, just to keep comfortable.

Tests show that the comfort with which a student sits, will effect the quality of their learning, so a firm, but comfortable, seat and back support of the students are essential.

It is no secret that budgets are tight in the education sector as schools and colleges look to focus their attentions on the most important matter; the education of their students. Reupholstery can extend the life of seating by many years at a fraction of the of cost of replacement, ensuring that students are safe and comfortable, enhancing their educational experience.

High levels of traffic in classrooms, meeting halls, refectories and cafeterias can often lead to seating becoming worn, dirty and uncomfortable very quickly, which is why Upholstery Express use only the hardest wearing contract fabrics and foams when working in the education sector. Cleanliness is also key, so using the latest developments in antimicrobial and antibacterial fabrics, the team at Upholstery Express can ensure that staff and students are safe and comfortable.

We know that a school or college can’t just stop functioning because the chairs need to be reupholstered, that’s why we offer a collection, delivery and temporary replacement chair service. We often carryout these services out-of-hours or during the holiday periods, to minimise the resulting disruption.

All of our foams, padding and fabrics comply to ‘The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations 1988’, so by reupholstering with Upholstery Express you can be confident that your students are safe, your buildings comply with all of the relevant legislation and that your insurance is valid, leaving no unexpected surprises down the line.

Our team of experienced upholsterers and seamstresses can rejuvenate your  school, Academy, University or College chairs and seating.  We expertly handle all manner of jobs including:

  • Replacing fabric coverings (damaged, worn or outdated)
  • Replacing Foams (sagging, uncomfortable or rotten)
  • Fixing or replacing Springs and Mechanisms
  • Fabric matching

Our professional repairers and cleaners can bring the quality and function of your chairs back up to the high standards expected in the education sector. Our most popular services include:

  • Tightening frames and joints
  • Repairing mechanisms and damaged seats and backs
  • Replacing castors
  • Hot water extraction

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