5 Star Hotel London

Occasionally we are asked to carry out reupholstery work that excites everyone involved in the business.  This was one such project at one of the most iconic 5 Star Hotels in London.

The Brief was simple – To reupholster around 30 metres of existing bench seating.  On surveying it, it was apparent that there was a problem with the seat springs and foams.  These had weakened to such an extent that the guests were trying to eat with their chins literally resting on the tables.

There were 2 large units in total, with each being removed separately, early mornings, to be reupholstered back at our Aldershot workshops  The structures were stripped completely, repaired where necessary, webbing and springs replaced and refitted, then new foams fitted for firmness and comfort. Each entire unit was then reupholstered using a luxurious Velvet Metaphores Amazonie by manufacturer Abbott and Boyd. Both units were then returned early mornings to avoid disruption.

The result – We hope the final images speak for themselves.  As the on-going Upholstery Contractor of their choice,  our clients needs continue to be met with many other large and small projects.